Corportate Governance

Po Valley Energy Limited is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. As such, it is subject to the Australian Stock Exchange Limited Listing Rules, the Corporations Act 2001 and other Australian and international laws and regulations.

In addition to strict legal compliance, Po Valley Energy is also committed to a corporate governance regime.

Information central to Po Valley Energy Limited's corporate governance practices are set out in the documents included in this section.


The Constitution is the Company's key governance document. The Board must ensure that it complies at all times with the provisions of the Constitution.


The Po Valley Energy Board of Directors is committed to the principles underpinning good corporate governance, applied in a manner which is most suited to Po Valley Energy, and to best addressing the directors’ accountability to security holders and other stakeholders. This is supported by a commitment to the highest standards of legislative compliance and financial and ethical behaviour.

The Company continues to address directors’ accountability to stakeholders in a manner consistent with the Company’s individual circumstances enhanced through the introduction of publicly available policies and procedures which are designed to foster a culture of transparency in the way Po Valley Energy is directed and managed.


The Directors and employees have undertaken through a code of conduct to perform their duties with honesty, integrity, care and diligence, according to the law and in a manner that reflects the highest standards of governance.


Hydrocarbon Reserves Policy
The aim of this policy is to implement processes, standards and controls to provide reliable hydrocarbon reserves estimates, consistent with current industry best practice, to facilitate effective business management decision-making and clear communication of the Company's reserves to all clients and stakeholders.
Health & Safety Policy
Po Valley Energy recognises the Environmental sustainability and Health and Safety in the workplace as an integral part of our business strategy and corporate citizenship.
Continuous Disclosure Policy
The Company's disclosure policy and procedures are designed to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, in particular, the ASX Listing Rules, and to ensure that investors can readily have sufficient information to ascribe to a fair value to the Company's securities, understand the Company's objectives and strategies and examine the Company's financial position and growth prospects. In this context, the legitimate information needs of investors are balanced with the Company's need to retain confidentiality of commercially sensitive of proprietary information.
Securities Trading Policy
The Securities Trading Policy provides guidance to Directors and employees on the purchase and sale of securities of the Company in order that breaches of the Corporations Act do not occur and to ensure dealings by Directors and employees in the Company's securities are fair, and are seen to be fair.
Shareholder Communications Policy
The purpose of the Shareholder Communications Policy is to promote effective communications with shareholders of the Company, ensure all information relevant to their shareholding is disseminated to shareholders and encourage effective participation by shareholders at the Company's General Meetings.