Po Valley Energy strives to maintain and continuously improve high standards of health, safety and environmental (HS&E) practice through its operations.

As the Company entered into permanent activities, one of the goals became the establishment of a simple but clear and defined set of procedures to be easily used by everybody if an emergency occurs.

When the Company plans an operation its choice of Contractors is strongly influenced by the objective of minimizing any possible interference and/or disturbance to local communities.

We believe in the importance of a clear, open and continuous relationship with the local communities: this has been the success key for the most of our operations.

We established commencing with our activities in 2004, a solid communications network with all the local authorities involved in the areas of operations, achieving a positive and supportive response from the national, regional and local authorities.

The commitment to HS&E objectives shared by Company's staff and contractors is a key priority for Po Valley. The Company encourages and promotes a proactive communication environment to develop, implement and monitor its HS&E systems.