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Gas Producer Po Valley Energy Reduces Debt

January 12, 2011

Improved gas revenue streams have enabled Po Valley Energy Limited (ASX: “PVE”) to reduce by 15% its current debt with the Bank of Scotland (BoS), while separately, also securing an increased borrowing limit. The reduced debt level improves the overall balance sheet of the Company while maintaining sufficient accessible funds for near-term development activities, including the drilling of the Vitalba -1dirA well in the producing Castello gas field in northern Italy.

The Company announced today that borrowings with its Bank of Scotland Facility reduced during December 2010 from €7 million to €6 million thus resulting in a full 2010 year reduction in debt from €10.3 million to €6 million.

BoS has recently completed its semi-annual review of the Facility. The Bank has increased Po Valley’s borrowing base limit for the first half of 2011 by 14% to €9.1 million.

The increased borrowing limit followed the Bank’s assessment of the stable gas production performance over the second half 2010 calendar year from Po Valley’s Sillaro gas field in northern Italy and of reserves reviews conducted by the Company and independent experts, during that period.

The Bank’s borrowing limit calculations are based on a combination of factors including gas and oil prices, production projections, proven reserves and operating costs.

Under the terms of the BoS Facility, the Bank sets a borrowing limit on a semiannual basis up to a maximum limit of €20 million.

The BoS Facility has been utilised by Po Valley over the past 18 months to fund plant installation and commissioning of the Company’s maiden production in northern Italy from the Castello and Sillaro gas fields.


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Po Valley Energy
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Field Public Relations
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