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Po Valley to Complete and Test Vitalba-1dirA Well

December 6, 2011

Po Valley Energy is pleased to confirm that it will proceed to case and complete its Vitalba-1DirA well, located 20 kms from Milan in Northern Italy, following evaluation of log results.

Total measured depth of 1,730 was reached (1,524 total vertical depth). Interpretation of log runs identified one gas bearing zone in the primary target area of the Pliocene SAN A2 level.

The Pliocene SAN A2 sand shows a vertical pay of 4.2 meters above the gas water contact (GWC): from 1,441.9 meters vertical depth (RT) to the GWC at 1,446.1 meters vertical depth (RT).

Steps to be carried out over the next week include liner running, perforation and completion. Subsequently the Company will proceed to flow test the well.


Giovanni Catalano
Po Valley Energy
+39 06 4201 62 75

Michael Mullane
Cannings Corporate Communications
(02) 8284 9990

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