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Vitalba1dirA - Drilling Status Report

November 8, 2011

Po Valley Energy (ASX:PVE) is pleased to provide the market with the first Drilling Status Report for the Vitalba1dirA well in the Cascina Castello concession.

The planned total depth (“TD”) of the well is approximately 1,750 metres Measured Depth (“MD”) and is expected to be reached within 10 days.

The market will be advised every Monday (Italy time) about the progress on the well and at more regular intervals when significant events occur.

Time of Report 12:00 Italy time
Well Depth MD 770 metres
Current Operation Cement plug of old Vitalba1dir borehole
Forward Operation Preparing whipstock at 650 MD metres for kickoff of new sidetrack, open window in 9”5/8 casing and drilling ahead the 8”1/2 phase


Giovanni Catalano
Po Valley Energy
+39 06 4201 62 75

Michael Mullane
Cannings Corporate Communications
(02) 8284 9990

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